This Is Not About Learning…Or is it?

On a whim, I decided to come home from Ottawa today via Smith Falls, Ontario because it felt right. The rain was pouring and I couldn’t bare another drive home along the usually 416/401 highways.  I could also not imagine myself in a 20 kilometre traffic jam where highway 401 is down to one lane.

I was unsure of my decision to hit the back roads of Ontario, but I had downloaded a newly popular Podcast recommended by @TheEllenShow that is hosted by Brian Reed called S-Town. Now before I go any further, you need to know that it has expletives and racial comments that are offensive, but if you can see beyond this, there is something beautifully devestating about it all.

Everything seemed to have aligned on this drive home. The content of the S-Town Podcast aligned with some of my thoughts as of late; it is very existential and about the future of humanity. The rain hitting the roof of my car added to the setting of my driving experience and because of where John lives in Alabama, I felt as if I were alone in the middle of no where. And literally, I was truly the only car out on the road this afternoon.

I have no desire to explain the Podcast because I think everyone should listen to it – even if you end up disliking it (But I don’t think you will). I questioned my life, listened about how other people live – how they think. I cried. And as the second S-Town Podcast was coming to a close as I approached Joyceville, the sun peeked out from beneath the clouds. If you listen to it, you’ll understand the beauty of that moment.

Today, I slowed my life down. Enjoyed a car ride like I was 19 again. Listened to something lovely and thoughtful. Today was a good day to literally enjoy the ride. Thank you John and Brian Reed (@BriHReed) – looking forward to listening to more when I finish this blog;)

Yours in slowing down,



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