Join A Summer Book Club!

My passion for books must have started in my early years when my parents consistently read to me. I cannot express how appreciative I am for their love of books and for instilling in me the benefits and love for reading. Reading was never not a part of our lives and it always continued into the summer months. It was never considered a school thing, but always considered a life thing.

I bring this up because it is that time of year when we need to be thinking about how we will support our students during the summer slump when reading gains can be easily lost. I am not writing this to make suggestions, but to simply put into your brain this simple question: How will you support your students’ summer reading life?

978619f70685bddc44cd9814f071f058I am actually here to support you and your reading life and wanted to share this cool book club that @pennykittle has during the summer for adults: The Book Love Summer Foundation Summer Book Club ’17. My fellow reading advocate, @wynkerr  suggested it and I have decided to commit the $50 to support a good cause of putting books in classrooms. I will provide one warning in that Canada is unable to receive the books for the summer book club and you will have to commit to purchasing them on your own.

It’s exciting to chat about books and to engage in reading literature that can support our students.  If you decide to partake, you will also have a great story to tell your students before and after the summer about your #myreadinglife.  Check it out!

Yours in reading,



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